Wounded wings can fly

Reclaim confidence and take ownership of the sky

Protect your beliefs and embrace your fear, for greatness only comes when you preserve.

Have your wings been wounded? Good news! You can fly again and soar to great heights. A painful circumstance may make it hard to spread your wings but know that your ability to soar can be restored. It takes strength, perseverance, and commitment to heal.

Despite what you are facing, whether it is abuse, depression, anxiety, homelessness, low-self-esteem, or addiction, you can overcome! Do not abandon your purpose. Healing is within reach.

Cast away doubt and shame. Let pain fall beneath your wings as you raise into the atmosphere. Even when it hurts, flutter your wings until the desirable altitude is reached. Eagles take flight with gravity and the strength of their wings to thrust forward into the sky. You can do the same. God renews strength (Isaiah 40:31). His grace is all the gravity you need to achieve elevation.

You might have to fly alone or rest from time to time. But the moral is, healing takes time, but do not give up on flying. Be brave; leave your worries on the ground. You will realize that your vantage point in the sky is better than on the ground. Choose to nurture your destiny and explore new horizons.

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