We fall. We break. We fail…But then, We rise. We heal. We overcome.

I am happy you have chosen Endure to Empower for your reading pleasure.


Hi, My name is Reantle and I am the Founder of this blog. I am passionate about helping marginalized populations, mental health awareness , trauma recovery, and self-empowerment. I love writing and expressing my thoughts creatively in words. Over the years, as my love for writing grew so did my desire to empower. In my pursuit to promote awareness of mental health and trauma, I decided to start Endure to Empower blog to share aspects of my journey and valuable articles on self-empowerment, coping and regulation, and self-care.

Life is a hard journey and no one should travel alone. I believe empowerment and knowledge are powerful tools that help people build strength, pursue healing, and regain confidence. Thus, it is my mission is to provide content that is not only informative but impactful.

If you have questions or would like information on a particular topic, send a message via the contact page. You will get a response in 24 hours.

Recent Articles

  • Unapologetically Human
    In a recent conversation about emotions with a close friend, I realized that when certain emotions appear, we are quick to shame ourselves for feeling what we feel. Why do we do this? In that moment, I encouraged my friend to ride the emotion wave. This concept teaches us how to embrace our humanity and… Continue reading Unapologetically Human
  • Lessons I learned during the Pandemic
    When the Coronavirus lockdown started in mid-March, I was gripped by anxiety and confused not knowing how I would survive [mentally, physically, and financially] amid a global crisis. I watched the news religiously hoping coronavirus would leave the United States just as quickly as it came. But the news reports remained unchanged and the unsettling… Continue reading Lessons I learned during the Pandemic
  • COVID-19 Mental Health Check-In
    Many people are experiencing mental health concerns as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine. Stressors related to this pandemic is causing the onset and exacerbation of mental health symptoms such as anxiety, depression, substance and alcohol related abuse, and suicidal thoughts. To support one another, it is important for us to check-in with family,… Continue reading COVID-19 Mental Health Check-In

Breathe and take life one day and one moment at a time. Every test can be conquered when you stand strong and not give up.

R. Smith

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